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SharePoint 2013 licensing for internet facing sites


In SharePoint 2010, we have to buy a separate SharePoint license for Internet facing sites and the licensing cost is around USD 40000 per server. While searching for SharePoint 2013 licensing,  you can find the information like “no CALs are required for External Users

and we have to buy only base SharePoint server license and CAL is not required.


We can find the same details in the below link at the “Notes” section.


But while talking about licensing for internet sites with Microsoft sales team, we got a contradict information.

CALs are not required to access content, information, and applications that you make publicly available to users over the Internet (i.e., not restricted to Intranet or Extranet scenarios).

And we can find the same information from January 2013 Product User Rights also.


CAL Weaver is not applicable if public facing sites has any restricted content. if our sites have any personalized pages for users or we implemented any authentication mechanism for our internet facing sites, we should buy a CAL for internet users.

So please don’t trust the blog posts and talk with your Microsoft sales team for licensing.



Suppose if we are plan for internet facing sites in SharePoint 2013 with enterprise features for large number of users, we need a EA license or have to spend large amount for CALs cost. Alternative this, we can leverage the SharePoint foundation 2013 for Internet sites. Comparing with SharePoint 2010 foundation, Microsoft has added lot of features with SharePoint foundation 2013.

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