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SharePoint Framework – A Beginner series for SharePoint developer


Microsoft announced on May 4, a new modern web development model for SharePoint called the SharePoint Framework. We already have a multiple development approaches for SharePoint,

  • SharePoint Farm Solution (WSP)
  • Sandbox solution
  • Add-ins / App for SharePoint

But the new model exclusively focused on client side development and it does not replace the existing development models.

High level advantages of SharePoint Framework

Here I have captured the advantage of SharePoint Framework at high level,

  1. Enhancing the out of box experience.
  2. Seamlessly it will work in desktop, tablet and mobile devices.
  3. It also has a backward compatibly and later smoothly we can migrate to SharePoint online or latest SharePoint on-premises.
  4. Building a custom Internet or Intranet portals
  5. Building a custom Webpart development.
  6. Unlike farm solution, don’t want to recycle the worker process for each SharePoint Framework deployments.
  7. SharePoint Framework is open and there won’t be any secret in the development approaches. It help us to use the Microsoft best practices in our custom developments.

What is SharePoint Framework?

There are plenty of articles are available, to know more about what is SharePoint Framework and how it is different from existing development models and as a SharePoint developer, where to start and how to transform from traditional SharePoint development to modern web development.

SharePoint Framework development related links

Here I have listed out the important links to know more about SharePoint Framework.

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When SharePoint Framework will available?

Jeff Teper mentioned in Future of SharePoint event, Microsoft is planning to release the SharePoint Framework by this summer and this is a right time to gain the knowledge about that.

Is there any prerequisites for SharePoint Framework development?

There are few prerequisites are required for getting into the SharePoint Framework development.

  • Node.Js
  • NPM (Node Package Manager)
  • Gulp / Webpack
  • AngularJs / KnockoutJs / ReactJs
  • Typescript
  • Karma and Jasmine
  • Microsoft Graph / SharePoint REST API

SharePoint Framework – Beginner series for SharePoint developer

Based on the prerequisites, I have planned to write the beginner series for SharePoint developer who is aspiring to expand their SharePoint expertise in to modern web development.

Part 1: How SharePoint Developers can extend their expertise to modern web development?

Part 2: SharePoint Framework –Installing and Configuring NodeJs and NPM

Part 3: SharePoint Framework –Installing Visual Studio Code and enabling IntelliSense for JavaScript

Part 5: SharePoint Framework – Create a project folder structure and install packages from NPM and bower

Part 6: SharePoint Framework – Step by Step guide for build automation using Gulp

Part 7: SharePoint Framework - Create a AngularJs Views using Office UI Fabric

Part 8: SharePoint Framework – Create a Controller and Services using Typescript

Part 9: SharePoint Framework – What is PnP-Js-Core and how to use with Client WebPart development?

Part 10: SharePoint Framework – What is ng-OfficeUIFabric and how to use with Client WebPart development?

Part 10: SharePoint Framework – Unit testing with Karma and Jasmine.

Part 11: SharePoint Framework – What is Yeoman and scaffolding?

Part 12: SharePoint Framework – Create and host a Azure App Service and consume from Client WebPart?

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