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How to create a reusable SharePoint Server 2013 bootable VHD using trial downloads – Part 4

Creating a SQL Server 2012 SP1 image with CU9

By default, we can create the SQL server image only for Database Engine Services and we cannot include BI features. But if we are creating an image with cumulative update 2 or above then, we can include all SQL server features.

1. Run the setup via command prompt and include the CU9 location. For my case, I have kept my update in SQLUpdates folder.


2. Image creation wizard will be opened and we can see our CU9 updates are included in Product Updates tab.


3. In the Feature Selection tab, select the required features


4. In the Ready to Prepare Image tab, we can see the action as PrepareImage


5. In the Instance Configuration tab, provide the instance id and this will be used after configuring the SQL Server later.


6. In the Complete, we can see the status of each selected features. Now we have completed the image creating for SQL Server 2012 SP1 + CU2.

Create Slipstreaming SP1 into SharePoint Server 2013

We will follow the below post to, merge the SP1 with SharePoint 2013. Otherwise, we have to install the SQL Server 2013 and then run the SP1. It will make our life easier. The following post is based on SharePoint 2010 + SP1. But the same approve will work for SP2013 + SP1 also.

For my case, I have done the slipstream process like below,


Now we have completed the SharePoint 2013 + SP1 slipstream process.

Installing SharePoint 2013 + SP1

Here we can find the overview of SP 2013 installation

Now we are going to install the SharePoint 2013 but the configuration will do the later. For installing the prerequisites, go to our SP2013 folder and run the prerequisiteinstaller file to install the prerequisites software.


Click Finish and restart the machine.

Open the same SP2013 folder and run the setup file again.


After successful installation, it will ask us to run the configuration wizard.


We will do the configuration later. So uncheck the checkbox and close the wizard.

Installing all other Software’s

We don’t have any restriction or limitation for installing the following software’s.

1. Visual Studio 2013

2. MS Office 2013

3. Visio 2013

4. SharePoint Designer 2013

Simply run the setup file and install the above software’s.  In the next post, we will see that how to create the master VHD.

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